Robocop (2014)

Robocop (2014)

José Padilha


Quick View:When a good cop gets blown up for his good work, we don’t bury him. We rebuild him. Can the newly resurrected “Robo-Cop” Clean up the streets of Detroit while also solving his own murder? Who gave the criminals the information they needed to kill him?



Full Review: We live in the age of reboots, and nobody can forget how groundbreaking the original Robocop movies were. Put those two together, and you get the new remake of Robocop. I personally prefer this version to the originals, mostly because I can’t stand corny looking prosthetics in anything other than Doctor Who. The new Robocop takes the original story, of a great cop getting terribly injured, only for technology to give him a second chance to clean up the streets. It’s a simple concept, and one of its time. Many people discredit the film for its dependency on CGI and the modern take on the film.

The film follows Alex Murphy who is a police detective in the city of detroit. A crooked cop informs the leader of a crime syndicate of Murphy’s inesitigation, leading to the attempt on Murphy’s live via a car bomb. A large company known as OmniCorp which has revolutionised the world with robotic soldiers and weapons, take the opportunity to prove to American citizens that they can trust OmniCorp with their safety by saving Murphy’s life by essential turning him into the first ever full cyborg cop. Other than his head, his lungs, and one hand, all of Murphy’s body is gone, replaced with top of the line OmniCorp electronics. Even a piece of his brain is hardwired to the technology. The movie focuses on Murphy’s adjustment and subsequent slavery at the hands of the technology, and him overcoming his own fears and limitations to do whats right for his fellow police officers and citizens.

Now although The original cast of the first Robocop was fairly good, and they definitely delivered a title that gained lots of recognition, the cast for this reboot blew the movie out of the water. I don’t believe for a second that any character in this movie played by anyone else could have done what they did. Some may argue that maybe Joel Kinnamen wasn’t the perfect choice for the role of the cyborg trooper, and I say you don’t know what you’re talking about. Kinnamen did an amazing job, filling the shoes of a slightly naive, eager young cop trying to cope the best he can with his situation. Overall, with big names like Samuel L Jackson, and Gary Oldman, the movie had every tool it needed to be a hit.

The scenery and locations all fit with the futuristic detroit vibe, and the technology doesn’t feel like too much of a leap, although I doubt we’ll have robot armies by 2023. The disheveled city and environment with large glass towers hovering over the run down slums really helps highlight the main problem with detroit, and why Robo-cop is needed. The different locations all do a great job delivering the feeling of authenticity to their purpose, from Omni Tower, to the Chinese factory, all the way to Detroit itself, we feel right at home with the plot.

Overall, the movie offers the entertainment value expected by modern Science Fiction films, and delivers in both visual beauty and deep plot. It expands and contrasts the original, somewhat corny movie by adding a more serious and polished look. As far as remakes go, this one takes the cake by far.

Final Score: 7/10