Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Michael Crichton


Quick View: A fantastic novel ripe with action, thrills, and excellent philisophical debate without coming off as preachy. one of the best you’ll read, I guarantee it!



Full Review: Jurassic Park is by far one of my favorite Science Fiction novels ever written. The late Michael Crichton did a fantastic job combine real world science with the fantastical idea of bringing back long extinct animals and how these new species will work with the modern world. The latent capitalistic nature of Hammond’s idea and InGens selfishness versus the ethical treatment and eventuality of the project leads to a thrilling page turner. The leading characters and their journey has the read both learning the nuances of paleontology, Chaos

theory, and genetics as this motley crew tries their best to survive on the barren tropical island full of dangerous and confused creatures,

The story follows Doctor Alan Grant, a paleontologist and expert on velociraptors, as he and his partner are invited by Doctor Hammond to come and give their consensus on his new interactive theme park. It’s not long after their arrival, and subsequent debate about the ethics of such a themepark, when things go wrong. A tropical storm shuts down the security of the facility, and the inspection crew find themselves running for their lives as the attractions become the predators.

The characters and their progression through the novel is well paced and representative of each one’s personality. We get to see the growth and experience of each character as they face the problems that plague survivors of hostile environments. The continuous ethical debate and scientific discussion throughout the book really plays well with the educated topics and represents the skills of Michael Crichton as a writer and theologist.

The location and use of environment is paramount and leads to many of the problems and solutions in the novel. The theme park turned war zone adds a unique twist to the novel and allows for the different characters to utilise the modern facility to their advantage in outsmarting the growing intelligence of their hunters. It’s only at the end of the book as the Costa Rican government carpet bombs the island with Napalm do you finally let out an exasperated breathe as the characters you have journeyed with finally feel safe.

The book is easily my favorite novel of all time. The combination of fiction and scientific understanding and their implementation is seamless and make the novel one of the best I’ve ever read. Crichton etches his name into history with this story, and does a great job setting up the sequel with the open ending he leaves. The only downside i can acknowledge in the book is that any reader without a basic understanding or appreciation for science will be left in the dust with the complication lexicon used throughout the novel. So, casuals beware, this ain’t your grandpa’s science fiction.

Final Score: 9/10