Halo: The Fall of Reach

Halo: The Fall of Reach

Eric Nylund


Quick View: The Fall of Reach is a must read for both Sci-Fi fans as well as fans of Halo video game


Publisher’s summary: Humanity has expanded beyond the Sol System. There are hundreds of planets we now call “home.”

The United Nations Space Command now struggles to control this vast empire.

After exhausting all strategies to keep seething insurrections from exploding into interplanetary civil war, the UNSC has one last hope.

At the Office of Naval Intelligence, Dr. Catherine Halsey has been hard at work on a top secret program that could bring an end to all this conflict…and it starts with seventy-five children, among them a six year old boy named John.

Halsey never guessed that this little boy would become humanity’s final hope against a vast alien force hell-bent on wiping us out.

This is the story of John, Spartan-117…the Master Chief, and of the battles that brought humanity face to face with its possible extinction.



Full Review: The Fall of Reach is a futuristic Sci-Fi novel that completely stands on its own apart from the XBOX game which inspired it.

Chronicling the beginning and first few decades of a next-gen elite force know as the Spartans, the book expertly weaves a believable story of what future soldiering might evolve into.

If you’ve enjoyed the excellent 1959 thriller “Starship Troopers” by Robert Heinlein, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this work as well/

The bottom line: The Fall of Reach is a must read for both Sci-Fi fans as well as fans of Halo video game

Shawn’s Score: A. Shawn’s Rating: PG-12

NOTE: This review was originally published in the After Hours section of the author’s personal website, shawnmichael.com.