Halo: First Strike

Halo: First Strike

Eric Nylund


Quick View: A must read for fans of the original video game as well as readers of The Fall of Reach.


Publisher’s summary: A summary from the publisher


Full Review: “First Strike” is an excellent follow-up to Eric Nyland’s first book in the series, “The Fall of Reach”.

Where the original work took you through the beginnings of the Spartan program through the discovery of HALO, “First Strike” begins where the videogame ends and the Master Chief narrowly escapes the destruction of ring world.

After hooking up with the survivors of Reach, the Master Chief and his team embark on the first offensive mission against massing alien Covenant forces.

This is another must read for fans of the original video game and readers of the first book.

Shawn’s Score: A. Shawn’s Rating: PG-12

NOTE: This review was originally published in the After Hours section of the author’s personal website, shawnmichael.com.