Atlas 2

Atlas 2

Isaac Hooke


Quick View: An excellent sequel which follows both Rade and Shaw’s struggle to survive the alien menace.


Publisher’s summary: The desperate battle on far-flung Geronimo may have ended in a qualified victory for the elite MOTH soldiers in their devastating, atomic-powered ATLAS mechs…but the cost was a massive one, paid in blood.

Rade Galaal, graduate of the toughest military training in the universe, barely survived the terrifying mission in deep space that claimed the lives of the two people he couldn’t afford to lose: a comrade who was more than a brother, and someone who was his whole world.

Lost, broken, and questioning his place as a MOTH and as a man, Rade faces a new crisis when an enemy force—a terrifyingly familiar one—threatens the future of humanity itself. Entering human territory from the depths of uncharted space where Rade lost everything, this massive alien vessel wears the face of death.

Once the nightmarish invader begins threatening total annihilation, can Rade and his team hope to prevail…or even survive?



Full Review: Something I loved about the first Atlas book was how it ended.

Not how Rade’s best friend gave his life to save Rade. And not how Shaw, the love of Rade’s life, volunteered to stay behind and blow the gate to keep the aliens from following the navy back to human space.

No, it was the epilogue in which the point of view changes from Rade to Shaw, who we find out has survived.

And the alternating of point of views between Rade and Shaw is one of the things I like most about Atlas 2, following both characters struggle on.

Shaw’s struggle is primarily one of raw survival, as she is stranded on a hostile planet hundreds of light years away from human space.

Rade on the other hand starts book two believe Shaw has joined his best friend’s fate so many light years away.

And losing the two people closest to him hits him hard, but he carries on as best he can along with his good friend Tahoe.

And the MOTH are again needed in Atlas 2 as the aliens attack threatening all of mankind.

If you’ve enjoyed the original Atlas, then I think you’ll really enjoy Atlas 2.