The Lost Fleet: Genesis

The Lost Fleet: Genesis

Raymond L. Weil


Quick View: Raymond Weil brings us another fulfilling, action packed chapter in the Slaver Wars series.

Publisher’s summary: Fleet Admiral Jeremy Strong is determined to preserve the planet Gaia as the new home of the lost fleets. Unfortunately, a new and frightening danger from the destroyed Dyson Sphere threatens to undo everything he has fought for.

Kazak, the AI on the Originator ship has his own agenda. The Humans and Altons will either do as he demands or he will destroy them. Can Fleet Admiral Strong outsmart the two-million-year-old AI or is he doomed to failure?

Admiral Tolsen has found the Dyson Sphere in the home galaxy. However, he will have to fight to keep control of it as research teams work frantically to discover its secrets before it’s too late. Both the Simulins and the Shari are determined to destroy Tolsen’s fleet and take the Dyson Sphere for themselves.

Both galaxies erupt into war as the titanic struggle for supremacy continues. If the Simulins win, then all hope is lost as they will destroy all organic life. If the Shari win, they will use the science and technology in the Dyson Sphere to conquer the home galaxy and destroy the Human Federation of Worlds.



Full Review: When I got the email announcing the latest integration of The Lost Fleet series has been released, it instantly moved to the top of my que.

In it, the story continues for both galaxies as the Jeremy Strong and his compatriots try to adjust after the events of the previous book,

As they are recovering, they learn of the dire and unexpected consequences of the destruction of the Triangulum’s Dyson sphere, one which makes it even more impeditive for them to try and find a way to work with the Originator’s AI, Kazak.

That, and the continued threat to Gaia from the Simulins, is more than enough to keep the small band of alliance members in that far away galaxy busier than they’ve ever been.

Back home in our own galaxy, Admiral Race Tolsen tries to secure the local Dyson sphere from all sides, while a small of researchers and Marines attempt to gain entrance and learn the sphere’s secretes before the Simulin’s can use it to bring an unstoppable fleet in from neighboring galaxies.

I have to say I really enjoyed reading yet another episode in the life and times of Jeremy,  Kelsey, Kevin,  Katie, and Ariel as they struggle to survive in the Triangulum galaxy.

Many other beloved characters also return, including Jeremy’s good friend and clan brother Grayseth, Alton’s Ambassador Tureen and the Scientist Andram, as well as the quirky A.I. Zed.

All in all I felt the story was very fulfilling, moving the story in both galaxies along at a satisfying pace, and revealing enough new information to keep readers interested and hoping for more.

That said, the book did slow down a few times during which I found myself skimming through those pages to get back to the action.

I also found the small band of explorers were a little too complacent, as I could never imagine hanging around for weeks while my rations were running out.

But those minor nick picks aside, I can heartily recommend this latest book in one of my favorite space opera series.